Group Coaching

A cost-effective way to learn how to make changes to your working life alongside others. Being connected to a small group of people in a similar situation provides empathy and support, relevant feedback and helps build confidence.

What you can expect

  • 6 weekly group sessions.
  • Group size limited to 6 people. This ensures time and focus on each individual and stronger connections are made within the group.
  • Practical group exercises completed each week with opportunity for discussion, feedback and questions.
  • Learn about your work personality, your key skills and how to prove you have them on your CV and at an interview.
  • Discover how to target suitable industries and employers and how to tap into the hidden job market.

6 weekly sessions each lasting 1.5 hours. Dates, time and locations are scheduled to fit with participants’ preferences. Get in touch to register your interest.

Wairarapa, venue chosen to meet with participants’ preferences.

Find out more about tailored corporate group coaching here.