Employer Services

Evolve Careers offers a range of small business recruitment solutions, interview training for hiring-managers, and outplacement / redeployment support to those employees affected by redundancy.

Small Business Recruitment Solutions


A bespoke recruitment service tailored to your business needs. Outsource the entire end-to-end recruitment process to me or pick and choose the areas you would like me to do for you.

I can help with:

  • Strategic review of current and future skill gaps.
  • Size role plus write Job Description and Key Result Areas.
  • Write and advertise vacancy.
  • Review applications and provide longlist of candidates.
  • Develop selection process including interview guides, psychometric testing and role play scenarios.
  • Conduct interviews and other selection methods including reference checks.
  • Finalise short-list of candidates.
  • Prepare offer letter and oversee contract.
  • Advise on offer negotiations.

Interview Training for Hiring Managers

Competency Based Interview Training

It’s your business and you want to make the hiring decisions. You need to be confident you can make a professional and legal decision that benefits your business today and into the future.

Topics include:

  • How to prepare and run a competency based interview that will find the best person for your role.
  • How to record and evaluate candidates’ answers and ask suitable follow-up questions.
  • Understanding the legal requirements of interviewing and how to comply with NZ employment legislation.
  • How to reduce operating costs by making informed and appropriate hiring decisions.

Outplacement and Redeployment

Supporting Employees Through Business Change

A belief in looking after your people is part of your business culture. This applies more than ever during times of organisational change where roles are being disestablished and redundancies have to be made. It’s vital that your business ‘walks the talk’ and demonstrates this culture of looking after your people. By offering outplacement support to those employees affected by redundancy you can ensure that you are giving them an opportunity to come to terms with their situation and have the information and resources to find a new job.

1-2-1 career coaching services include:

  • clarity on employee’s situation
  • personality assessments
  • identification of transferable skills
  • goal setting
  • target the hidden job market
  • overcome barriers to success
  • achieve work/life balance

Each employee builds a portfolio of how to market themselves and receives a written action plan.

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