Interview Preparation

From my years in recruitment I know what employers look for in an interview candidate. As a trainer in competency based interviewing I can explain the rules of the game and coach you to be in the best shape to win it.

These are practical sessions where you learn how interviews work and how to get results. I tailor each session to you and the type of role you are interviewing for. I am an expert at drawing out examples which best demonstrate your fit for the role and give specific feedback to ensure you present your best self. I take the fear out of interviews which increases your confidence and ability to impress on the day.

Can be conducted face-to-face, over phone or via video call.
Coaching on interview preparation techniques

What you can expect

  • Ownership of your first impression and how to maintain an edge.
  • Learn how to answer competency based interview questions, motivational fit questions and those curly ones.
  • Learn how to get the best from “So, tell me about yourself”.
  • Overcome nerves, negative thoughts and mindblanks.
  • Know what questions you should ask at the end of the interview.
  • Learn how to come out on top from difficult questions, mean interviewers and panel interviews.
  • Mini mock interview practice with feedback.
  • Support for pre-interview testing or interview presentations also available.


Minimum of 2 hour long sessions – the first for an overview of your situation and interview techniques.  Second session is a mock interview based on your target role with feedback.


$300 plus GST for block of 2 sessions each lasting 1 hour.

Consultation can be completed over phone/video call/in person.